About US

Globally Agri-Business employs 28% of the population, in Rwanda, that number is number is 70%. Amataba Company is a new company established in Rwanda as an Export Agri-Business Company position to solving the lack of Made in Rwanda Export suppliers, participating in our country’s Import/Export deficit partnership with East Africa Imports Inc Distribution company in United States of America solving the lack of Made in Rwanda Distribution consistency proving a Professional and reliable service, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable staff will provide for continued growth in the years to come.

The future of Amataba Food Supply Ltd is looking bright with younger Rwandan’s Agribusiness Entrepreneur. Our focus is on the core products, current market packaging and promotions will emphasize an integrity and reputation for higher quality and customer service. With the addition of new energy and enthusiasm from younger partners, we will increase sales and the bottom line. Even though the new owners have the time, energy, interest, and knowledge to invest in an already successful established Distribution business, our greatest asset will be our commitment and pride in protecting and growing the business.

In the past, there has been just few Agribusiness exporters...in the future Amataba Food Supply's intend to change that not only a larger Made in Rwanda Producer/Exporter, but a Supply Chain Management Leading Made in Rwanda Agri-Business Exporter to the North-America with high quality standards reputation.